My Angelic April: Day 2

07:34- Another early rise followed by squeezed lemon in hot water, one of those yucky detox teas and a glass of water. I mean business!! Now to work. Wednesdays for some reason usually bring out the wine drinker in me so I will be curious to see how this particular one pans out.

17:00 – Not too bad as it seems for I have left work and am now on the bus. I pick my kids up from after school club. The ex and me have shared care so they are with me wed- sat nights. Not having a fri or sat free is in some ways beneficial in that I can’t go out socialising those nights without the kids however, it usually means that I just drink at home instead. I adore my children but after 30 minutes of blood curdling screams of a sibling battle regarding who’s getting in the bath first or one has got four beans more than the other I can be drawn to a “lovely glass of Pinot Grigio” or a “soothing pint pot of Shiraz”. Hmmm…

21:56- What a calm and controlled evening. My kiddies aka Maximus Moanus and Beelzebub have been on top form in fact the latter was positively angelic. Maybe Angelic April extends to behaviour of children too. Oh please, please, please say it is so!!! Anyway all calm on the Duddingston front and I am not only chuffed to have another consecutive teetotal day I actually really don’t fancy drinking alcohol. Now this is still very early days and I need to take a day at a time but I am feeling positive. Cup of tea, a square of chocolate, book and bed.

Think this level of self satisfaction is definitely going to run the risk of growing a beard but for now…

Nighty night!


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