My Angelic April: Day 4 (part 1)

08:56- Kids safely deposited in school. Half day today and last day of term. After high level negotiations as to whether or not Beelzebub was going to take her hand made Easter chick farm nest into school ( which coincidently takes up nearly the whole of the lounge rug ) my resolve was broken. I then proceeded to try and stuff it into bags of varying size and strength whilst being watched by the great overseer which could Michael Fassbenders character in “12 Years a Slave” a run for his money. Examining every inch I stuffed in and commenting on how it had been bent there and squashed here. Now the reason for this early post is that it is Friday and I associate such a day with a reward of a glass or two ( cut the crap Laverne) or three of wine later on. Just for the record later on does not mean at in an hours time but a more “sensible” time of 6pm or if particularly stressful 5.45. So what to do? Am I just going to progress into a big grumpy pants as the day goes on and carry a great black cloud above me and in turn make the dynamic between me and the kids shall we say “terse” or try to break the pattern and habit. I have to break it. I want to break it. I need to break it. Hmmm…. I will try to relax, focus and look at the feelings and wants I have and see where that takes me but first a bacon bagel. Yumma!!


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