My Angelic April: Day 4 (part 2)

21:34 – This has not been my finest hour today . Well technically approximately 7 hours. All was going well until Beelzebub struck at around 14:30 I knew it was too good to be true. Anyway we managed to get on a bus and head up town predominantly to purchase a birthday present for a friend of Maximus who’s party he was going to early evening. On and off all afternoon alcohol dipped in and out of my thoughts. When I remembered I couldn’t have any my heart sank. Hmmm….

Thinking we had plenty of time we decided to go for an early dinner in Frankie and Benny’s. Whilst walking round St James Centre as if we didn’t have a care in the world the mum of the party pal texted to say could she would pick Maximus up an hour earlier for the do. SHIT!!! What ensued was the fastest birthday present/card/wrapping paper purchasing in the history of birthday present/card/wrapping paper purchasing history. Running into John Lewis we travelled up and down the many confusing escalators in search of the toy dept but ended up on what looked like the roof. Well we could see the sea! Racing off we found the elevator and went down to the bloody floor we had originally entered the shop on. Finally making the toy area I grabbed a Nerf frisbee snapped ‘will this do?’ to which Maximus nodded and within 45 seconds it was purchased. Eventually exiting the store and running ( ok well walking at a pace) we screeched into F & B’s where we scoffed food back, left and managed to get home with twenty minutes to spare. It was then Beelzebub commenced operation Exorcist. The head span, the obscenities were hurled, the speaking in tongues ensued and that was just me. It went on and on and on and my need for a drink increased more and more and more and then Maximus left and it was just the two of us. Like old enemies we circled each other. It was like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. Then the strangest thing happened. I needed to go to Tesco to get milk, bread (and oh I lovely bottle of Rjoja would be so appealing right now) and as I was battling with her to get her duffle coat fastened and she was struggling to stop me I bellowed, ‘ stop it. I want to toggle you up like a womble!!’


We looked at each other. Then the round Inuit like face of Beelzebub crumpled up and she let out the biggest belly laugh I’ve heard her do which resulted in me bursting into laughter too. For the first time humour had broken our pattern of war and it didn’t feel like a compromise it felt natural and full of love. We made it back from shop, had a heart to heart, agreed that one more strike and her birthday party was cancelled and enjoyed a lovely calm few hours drinking hot chocolate and introducing her to Kate Bush. She wasn’t actually there I was playing one of her CDs. Beelzebub enjoyed an hour long bath I feeling empowered again by not giving into the temptation of alcohol started to knit. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Yes. I have started to knit as well as write this doomsday book. Changing habits although I don’t think knitting could ever constitute a habit. Changing patterns. Well that’s unlikely to happen as I can only do garter stitch.

Maximus returns home from an evening of Haribo debauchery and once shackled and the bromide administered the little angels travelled to the Land of Nod. A short while after whilst I was sitting catatonic I heard a rustling as the lounge door. Slowly two pieces of paper were slid through. You can see them here



She is infuriating but by Jove I adore her. Both of them. So another day is drawing to a close. Another day with alcohol urges. Another day with stress. Another day with anger. Another day with exhaustion but it is also another day of laughter. Another day of understanding. Another day of strength. Another day of love.

Night night.


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