My Angelic April: Day 6

08:34 – Due to a lengthy messaging saga with some random friend of a friend on Facebook trying to chat me up till some ungodly hour I awoke a little less refreshed than I had anticipated. Honestly only I could evoke sex appeal at 23:50 and by 01:30 was and I quote ‘ a sarcy twonk who had given nothing to our “banter”. Give me a break. Did I ask you to contact me? No. Did I give you the time of day or night as it so happened? Yes. Did you at any point think it was a tad strange to contact a woman you don’t know commenting on how you liked her photo and not think you could me met with some trepidation? Clearly not. Did you take a hissy fit and spit your dummy out because I had the audacity to ask you some questions? Most definitely. Did you admit to drinking rum and wine and by the looks of your typing were under the influence? Uh-hu! Was I completely sober? Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Does that make me smug and vastly superior? Well smug at least. Are you a mentalist? For sure.

You know who you are.

10:00 – The ex arrives to collect the kids. As he enters the house he looks on in disbelief at Maximus blowing into a harmonica, Beelzebub playing the bongos and me knitting with fierce face. Yeah daddy! We know how to live.

13:00 – I meet up with my lovely friend Dri. We sit drinking coffee, pondering over lives, stopping periodically to take the moment in whenever our mindfulness bell apps sound, we throw our heads back and laugh, the blossom floats around us, we are viewed in a Vaseline haze, we move in slow motion flicking our hair and batting our eyelashes. We are here. We are in the moment. Well we were actually in a cafe but having a very nice time. I spoke with her at length about by abstinence in April and my concerns with drinking patterns I had been forming. It feels really good to be honest and open about it. I need that honesty with not only myself but with others. We then toddled off to the Botanics for a stroll followed by some food and planning for our next comedy short film back at hers. Yup! I am still feeling positive and determined.

22.35: – So it is almost the end of day six and what have I learnt today. Well I have learnt not to entertain lunatic men who “chat me up” on social media, that knitting is most definitely stress inducing, that I am living very well without getting hammered of an evening and that I have a penchant for curly kale.

So off I go to the land of nod where I hope to have a deep rejuvenating sleep and wake up refreshed, full of beans and have the strength to be able to drink yet another one of these.

“A Sample in China” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Nighty night.


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