My Angelic April: Day 8

01:05 – Me no likey this! Must be because I either slept almost ten hours last night or the excitement of the knitting has got my adrenaline up but I can’t get to sleep. I’m usually out as soon as my head hits the pillow. Grrr… Hang on writing is doing the trick. I can feel my eyes getting heavy. Jeez! If this is what writing does I feel for you guys reading it.

01:25 – Right! Take two. Lights out.

01:35 – Bloody hell! Much to my fury I just had to get up and go for another pee. Take three. Good night.

07:45 – Here goes.


Yup! As I suspected. Green tea and lemon looks exactly like the detox sample only this is slightly more in need of an anti biotic. *takes a sip* For the love of the wee man!!

08.10 – Time to head to work.

21.34 – It’s been an eventful day. The main thing being that I have a lot to be thankful for. I am blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children. I have a supportive and loving family. I am
incredibly lucky to have fantastic friends another whom I had tea with tonight and is endlessly supportive. Thank you Margaret for your generosity of spirit. Tonight I do feel thankful that I have wonderful people in my life. If I give you back half of what you give me then I’ll be doing ok. Think an early night is needed as feeling a little under par. Probably the thought of another one of those tea concoctions is putting my stomach and head in a cadenza.

22:00 – The chime of my last mindfulness bell of the day. It’s the end of day 8 and not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips. I am doing this through good and bad. I’m forging another path.

Nighty night x


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