My Angelic April: Day 9

07:56 – Not been the best of nights. Won’t bore with the details but let’s just say the toilet and me are in a relationship now. Yuck!! Could this be part of the alcohol detox? If it is then I am seriously more addicted than I thought. I’m not going to think about that just now as my head feels like its in a thrashing machine. Goodbye stinky world for at least another hour.

20:34 – Lying in bed for the vast majority of the day ( in between toilet visits) certainly encouraged a lot of thinking. It swung from, ‘ I must give that wardrobe mirror a polish’ to ‘ what can I use if I run out of toilet tissue?’ to ‘ what was the first perfume I ever bought?’. The answer to the last question was Ysatis by Givenchy. Loads of us wore it back in the 80’s. We nicknamed it “easy- tease”. One good thing about feeling like something dragged up from the depths is I’ve not had the slightest craving for alcohol. Mind you even if I had been drinking I’m pretty sure on a day like today even I wouldn’t have had an inclination towards it. The kids came back at 5.30 so I had to drag myself out of my sick bed to greet them. Life goes on! They have been very lovely and caring mind you and it’s been a calm and peaceful evening.

22:35 – I give up! I need to go to bed. Feeling like methuselah. Well this is day 9 nearly done and dusted. I have beaten my attempt at abstinence last year by one day. So some self congratulations may be deserved.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. I do feel after eating only a slice of toast today that I’ve got the munchies a fair bit but will be sensible and wait till morning.

23:05 – Munchies! Lying in bed the word springs into my head. I start to spontaneously giggle. I am remembering something from when I was 18. A shared memory between myself and my mum and dad. A story I have told many times since.

The kitchen of our flat in St Patrick Square, 1988.

My mum and I are in the kitchen. Mum cooking and me having a cigarette and a coffee. My dad comes home from work and enters the kitchen. Earlier mum had contacted my dad ( via carrier pigeon- it was the 80’s 😉) and had asked him to bring three items of shopping home.

1 pint of milk
1 plain loaf
1 box of Munchies for the cat.

My dad laid the bag on the kitchen table, attempted to start explaining what he had bought when suddenly and quite loudly began laughing. The laughing continued for a while by which time had spread to my mum and I until all three of us were totally hysterical. Eventually my dad calmed down enough to tell us what he was laughing at after which the laughing commenced again but even more hysterically. He told us that he had gone into a shop and located bread and milk but couldn’t find munchies for the cat. He went up to the counter where the shopkeeper was and asked if he could help him.

Dad: ‘Eh! I’m looking for Munchies?’

Shopkeeper: ‘Yes sir no problem. I have a packet here.’

The shopkeeper leant over the front of the confectionary counter, put his hands on a packet of Rowntree and Macintosh ( most definitely the 80’s!!!) chocolate Munchies and handed them to my dad.

My dad took them in his hand, stared at them for a while then asked,

‘Eh… Do you have rabbit flavour!’

Nighty night.


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