My Angelic April: Day 25

You see today is a prime example of a day that would have normally had me aching for tipsiness or getting downright hammered. The day started after yet another wakeful nights sleep with sleeping in. Although I don’t work Fridays the kids needed to get to school. Panic stations ensued. Juice bottles filled, breakfasts made, clothes flung on, break snacks thrown together, washing on, scooters primed and ready for action. We made it just in time and I made it back home. All three of us had dental check up appointments at 2.25 so picked them up, threw lunch down their throats ( not literally in case any of you feel social services should be informed), got them out of school clothes and into casual ones, checked bus app for times. A bus due in 22 mins that would get us to dentist in plenty of time. Five minutes later I checked the app again- 2MINS!!!!!! What the…!!!!!???? How is that humanly possible? Well I don’t suppose it is human but still. Grrr…. Considering we still didn’t have shoes on, teeth brushed and it would take at least 3 minutes to walk to the bus stop I had to quickly think of a plan b. Two buses ( correction 3 as the first one broke down and we had to disembark to get on the replacement one) later and a phone call advising dentist we were running late we made it. So Beelzebub is to stop sucking thumb or she’ll start to resemble Nanny McPhee and Maximus to be referred to an orthodontist due to stubborn baby teeth and to have one removed next week. Eek! My teeth were fine but apparently I need my gums removed. That was a lame attempt at humour.

After the dentist a trip to the local soft play centre. After carnage there we started our return home. Beelzebub calling Maximus a loser at the fruit and veg section in Sainsbury’s didn’t go down too well and something resembling Bannockburn ensued. It took brute strength to relieve her of that marrow! Then there was the outburst because we were running out of time due to next bus home and I went back on the agreement that fruit could be consumed whilst in shop. Give me strength!! Arrived home like drowned rats due to heavy rain that had started just as we left the shop. What fresh hell is this?

So back in the house , cooked dinner, Maximus watched some snooker, Beelzebub had a bath. Just before they went to bed I applied some stuff that you put on your fingers to stop nail biting as the dentist had recommended it to help stop the thumb sucking. It wasn’t long after the talking book was put on and the light turned out that the sound of what can only be described as someone being hung, drawn and quartered came from the kids bedroom. I rushed back in frantically to see what was wrong and was met with Beelzebub holding her thumb up and with a screwed up face she whined, ‘It’s horrible! I can’t suck my thumb!’ Heaven help me….

So now it is nearing 10.30 and I am getting heavy eyed. Today has been pretty wearing and four weeks ago I wouldn’t be writing this because I would be three sheets to the wind but here I am, typing away with a lovely hot cup of chamomile and spiced apple tea totally sober. What has really surprised me today was that even when I lost my temper or felt under the cosh alcohol didn’t enter my mind. Yes! I can honestly say that it didn’t. I also noticed that even though the anger spiked up with the some triggers like incessant loud whinging, repetitive noises and blaming me for every little thing that didn’t work out in her favour (all of which took me back 30 years) I found a way to smooth the waters, not take it so personally and allow myself to let the wall down and love.

Is this down to my new clear head I wonder? Well I feel it possibly is. I found I was giving her the same advice I would give me abstaining from alcohol. Take it a day at a time. Find yourself something else to do that can occupy your hands, mouth etc. Talk about how you’re feeling. It’s all addiction, habit, need, comfort in a way.

Well time for this grown up to lay down her head for the night. Roll on day 26.

Nighty Night x


p.s I’ve just checked on her. Think I need double strength.


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