My Miraculous May: Day 1

I am actually feeling compelled to write out of guilt. Unbelievable! Guilt! I have been finding writing really useful and getting a lot out of it so have decided to keep it up. Probably not daily as it’s a lot but two or three times per week.

Well I treated myself today to my favourite bottle of perfume. I reckoned that I deserved it and after all I would have spent more in the month on alcohol. A Justified sinner perhaps?

Right time to lead Maximus away from the snooker. #yawn
I’m sorry but how is snooker a sport? Of bloody darts for that matter?! Makes me laugh how they are given “edgy names” to make them sound daring, hard, dynamic, real manly. “The Thunder from Down Under”,The Rocket”, “The Jester from Leicester”. None can compare to the one that cracks me up the most-
“The Sherrif of Pottingham”!!! –
Eat your heart out Michael Fassbender. That reminds, it’s all systems go to record Graham Norton tomorrow night. Thinking of it makes me feel all weak and unnecessary inside.
Fassbender, Jackman, McAvoy all on the same show. Best open my celebratory bottle of Elderflower Presse.

Nighty night x


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