My Miraculous May: Day 2

Beelzebub’s tooth came out. Beelzebub took it to school for show and tell. Beelzebub lost the tooth. Beelzebub went craaaazzzzyyyy!!!!

So she wrote a letter to the “toof” fairy:


I love how she still demands the money. She’ll go far that one. Under the disguise of Clarabell the Tooth Fairy I have replied:


So the double dupe comes in the shape of her first tooth ( well correction second tooth cause I accidentally wiped the first one up with some cheese crumbs and binned it) being used as the lost one. Clarabell using her fairy powers has located said tooth and returned it under her pillow. Oh the magic of lying! We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Right Michael Fassbender on tv now.

Nighty night x

Ps 32 days and counting!


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