My Miraculous May :Day 3

It’s my Dads birthday today. He turned 77. We celebrated with lukewarm pizza, wet crisps and a birthday cake that never showed up! Long story but suffice to say the complaint has been sent to Greggs.

Seems I can’t give up blogging daily. Maybe this is my new addiction. Alcohol out, blogging in. At least this is a darn sight cheaper and better for my health… I think?

So the big question is will the tooth fairy pay up tonight? Well there has been better behaviour from Her Ladyship but still areas of “oh my god I’m going to go CRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY!” and that’s from me. I think there will be a partial payment and a “warning” letter. * goes off to concoct something now*

I thought about this:


You do you like them apples?

But decided on this in the end:


I will be interested to see if Clarabell’s intervention makes a jot of difference to her performance of late. Of late?! Ha! 5 years to be precise with the anti being “upped” at every turn. It is enough to turn anyone to drink but I’m staying strong and have taken to popping amytriptaline and codeine instead. I’m sure it’ll be fine…

Nighty night x

Ps 33 days and counting


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