My Miraculous May: Day 5

So today was a day filled with an AWOL Dad ( who had apparently done a sneaky on the bus up to the HMV to buy DVDs he’ll never watch), lunch with a friend, enormous cake consumption, line work, returning batteries, buying batteries ( if that sounds suspect that’s cause it is), hunting for a child’s birthday present, more line work, hoovering, washing and insertion of batteries. Phew!!!

But hey no hangover!

I was given two gifts from friend. The first a book about learning to forgive. I think will be an interesting and insightful read. Who knows it may lay some ghost to rest. Worth a go and I’m sure I will no doubt be writing about it soon enough. The second was a card. This card:


I laughed when I saw it because it resonated with me a lot. How different the past 7 weeks or so ( and I refer to My Angelic April: Day 11 1980’s bullet point song list) could have been if I had been drinking. I actually shudder to think. That awful logic you get when you’ve have a drink or three; I know what would be really sensible right now- texting and saying blah de blah de blah!! A potentially terrible mistake on all counts particularly in this situation. So not drinking has saved me from upset because no matter how much you feel validated to relay certain things to some individuals it is a waste of time, energy and credit. They are just not worth the bother and being sober helped me keep clear, focused and allowed me to truly find how to be kind to myself.

Since not drinking I am finding out so much about myself, my reactions, responses and feelings. I am finding a new contentment within me. A new strength I never thought I had. I am finding happiness honestly and truly and not faked or forced by alcohol and it feels good. After all to be happy is the best “two fingers up” you can give.

Nighty night x

P.S Five weeks and counting


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