My Miraculous May: Day 10

If there was a Top 5 worse days today would be in there. What started out as a strop regarding MY money and how much of it a certain Beelzebub was going to have to spend this morning at the school spring fayre ended in one of the hardest, soul searching and frustrating days I’ve had in my adult life. I think I will need some time to let it all percolate and settle and then I’ll see it for what it is but safe to say a lot of demons rose there ugly heads with alcohol at the helm. Sitting in the fayre trying to enjoy the cheap coffee and hear myself think over the noise of people whilst digging my fingers nails into the palm of my hand to stop myself from crying I found myself staring longingly at a bottle of Chardonnay sitting on the trestle table. Either a forgotten raffle prize or someone definitely needs help. I longed for that feeling of starting the journey to abandonment and the comfort of the warm, tingly, buzzy feeling. The moreish feeling. That’s the trouble. It’s the moreish feeling. I’m embarrassed to say at that moment I wanted to crack it open and take a big swig. Oh hang on. Something’s afoot.


Afoot it was. It is now 23:45- Maximus has just gone back to bed after spectacularly projectile vomiting over his bedroom. Adding insult to injury he also managed to give a sleeping Beelzebub a light splattering. Reminds me of the time I was hammered and vomited over my grans bed thinking I was making the bin. Trouble was she was in bed at the time and slept there all night covered in sick. Classy! And another delightful drinking tale.

Yup! Today has been a beauty. Think I’ll leave the final analysis for tomorrow.

Nighty night x

Ps 40 bloody days!


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