My Miraculous May: Day 19

Drum roll please ladies and gentlemen …….. * crash bang wallop*

I would like to announce that,

* clears throat and adopts smug face*

It is seven weeks today since I drank any alcohol.


I celebrated tonight with a chippy tea, copious amounts brown sauce plus I threw in a bite size caramel shortbread and a Twister ice lolly for pudding. I know how to bloody live and I won’t hear otherwise.

I was drawn yet again drawn to my favourite place amongst the wild things. It had turned into such a glorious evening I couldn’t help but go. I had made the pilgrimage today to the other side of Edinburgh in search of an Elsa doll from the Disney film ‘Frozen’ but seriously it would be easier to locate a unicorn at The Gyle shopping centre or the UK it would seem. I then ended up back in town and tried the “prestigious” Jenner’s but to no avail. The shop assistant there informed me that the film has been so successful that there has not been enough dolls manufactured and basically the world has run out of them. I stood there, hands on counter, mouth gaping.

The world has run out!!!

There and then I felt the pain that Beelzebub will feel when she understands that she cannot get the beloved doll she wanted to get with her birthday money. It was like for me being told the world has run out of Earl Grey tea or Skippy peanut butter. Not wanting to feel that the journey was for nothing I took myself to the new-ish restaurant in Jenner’s ( I’m sure Beelzebub would have wanted me too *tries to look reassured*) and had a pot of tea and a scone. The view was rather nice too.


After I got back I headed to my place. A friend said something to me that I found quite profound a wee while ago on talking about contemplation and reflection. He said:

‘If you’re looking for anything you’ll fine it at sunrise’

To me it was such a lovely thought. I have never been to Doctor Neil’s at sunrise but I’ve been a lot at sunset and have found a great deal. Both have such unique qualities. The beginning and the end. It’s the only sure things we have whilst living. We began and we will end. Simple to the point of beauty. What we do between those two points is the complex stuff. Living is a complicated business. More and more I try to stop and remember that I am living between those two points and really feel it. There is something about the end of the day that I love especially there. The light distribution through the trees, the warm glow on the loch from the sun, the shadows falling on the grass. I will plan to go there at sunrise one day. I bet it’s breathtaking. Tonight the birdsong was wonderful. Hearing them sing their little hearts out they sounded happy. It made me feel happy. It was infectious.



As I left the garden I always walk down to the more open field like part which I think is an extension of the manse gardens. There is a chicken coup and enough rabbits bouncing around to make it look like a scene from ‘Watership Down’. There is a large tree at the waters edge that stands completely on its own.


There were crows in it. They were squawking loudly to each other. There is something about that tree, the loch, the sound of the crows that feels pagan. I like it. Makes me feel all Brit Eckland. Ooh er missus I should stop there 😳

So another lovely end to a day. A day which is the 49th without alcohol. A day that is unique in itself. A day that is almost gone but without the days end there would be no sunrise.

Nighty night x

Ps Earl Grey’s door is always open 😊


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