My Miraculous May: Day 22

It would appear I cannot keep away. I get very protective over others coming to my favourite place. As soon as I’ve mentioned it I get a tense feeling in case they go and make it their special place. Really I’m doing a disservice mentioning it here as anyone who reads my warblings will know. I’m kind of acting as a Visitor Information Service for Doctor Neil’s. Well dear reader ( spoken through gritted teeth) if you ever do visit and come across a lone woman glowering at you that will most likely be me wondering why the hell you are here?! Just ignore me. I mean you no harm 😳

This fine flower caught my eye today. Standing there tall and proud but alone.


It’s not afraid to stand out of the crowd and be counted. I like that. A principled flower. Hoorah! Then as I was sitting in my first favourite seat ( yes I’m that sad I have three favourite spots and sit in them in a order. I really need to get out more!) guess who came to visit me? No sadly not Michael Fassbender but Mr Stripy,


Now I know what you’re all thinking. “Silly cow! That won’t be the same bee” , so how do you explain him having the same bow tie on? Yes, that’s made you all think hasn’t it. Of course you can’t see it because it’s facing the bench but he is wearing it.

The time I spent there today like so many other times was completely alone. No one else was there. I love it like that. Not just so I don’t have to glower at people ( poor people) but it feels magical on my own. Secret. Private. Peaceful. Mystical. Comforting. Enveloping. It brings up so many feelings just sitting or walking there but also being among the wild things it helps me make sense of it all. It levels me out. Puts me back on track. As I sat there thinking a song came into head. It is so perfect for how and what I was feeling. A song that I remember listening to as a 15 year old. Obsessed with Kate Bush ( probably had a bit of a girl crush too). It was an bonus track on ” The Hounds of Love” album, which I adore but I remember hearing this song and somehow even at that young age feeling overwhelmed by both its power and simplicity. It’s short, just voice and piano and is basically a series of directions but I find it deeply emotive. Right there and then having retreated to my favourite place, leaving the world on the other side of the iron gate, being amongst the wild things, remembering, feeling, wishing, longing this song 29 years later finally made complete sense.

“Go right to the white rose,
I’ll be waiting for you”

Nighty night x

Ps 52 days


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