My Jubilant June: Day 3

Early evening at Doctor Neil’s…



It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and tranquil it is here. After a rather fraught and in retrospect idiotic journey ( all I shall say is One Direction!) to the Haymarket area of town I felt the call in my bones to come here. To the peace of the wild things. Mind you I had witnessed enough of them already in the many shapes of fans heading to the concert. I had dared to cross the city in order to sell some pieces of jewellery. Will spare the back story but suffice to say the time has come to get the best possible price as I have no need for them anymore. Getting the best price seems to be easier said than done. Having been to several jewellers who buy and sell and now my second pawn shop I have been totally disheartened but what they have offered. The best so far has been one tenth of the total original cost. The whole sorry saga is turning me into some kind of modern day Dickensian character. Feel I should be called Mrs Howmuch …. or…. Nellie Havin-a-larf… or… Mistress Pinch.

All’s well though when I get here. The creak of the heavy black iron gate and the comforting clang when I close it behind me. The traffic noise disappears. Only the birds singing, bees buzzing, trees swishing in the breeze, water gently lapping. As I sat there I counted 64 days without a drink. That’s 9 weeks and 1 day so far. There was a time when I would be there but instead of properly being there I would be drinking a wee carry out to myself and missing so much. Missing the peace of the wild things. Missing me.

A song I used to listen to a lot around ten years ago popped into my head. It is essentially a love song but in many ways it is my love song to this my favourite of places … For I am breathless without you.

Nighty night x


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