My Jubilant June: Day 17

Michty me what a day!! After a monumental Sports Day at the Royal Blind School followed by a lovely dinner with my great friend Margaret I stole half an hour in my favourite place. The evening was beautiful and the stillness and moisture that hung in the atmosphere really allowed the amazing fragrances in the garden to fill the air. Lavender was particularly strong. I hope the wild things didn’t mind me pulling a handful and bringing it to my nose. The smell always makes me think of Nana. She loved Yardley’s Lavender dousing her pillows, sheets and nighties with it. The light was quite magical tonight with tinges of pinks and oranges on the water.



A tranquil end to a full on day. Just one last thing to do before home, bath and cuppa. A friend had very kindly taken me and my mum and dad to Ikea last night and since it is a fair distance we thought it would be nice to give her a wee something. My mum and I agreed on a good bottle of red wine. After much discussion as to who was getting it I decided to take ownership of the sourcing. So here was me off to Tesco to purchase my first alcoholic beverage since March 31st. As I looked at the neatly stacked shelves of Rjoja, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabarnet Sauvignon etc it strangely felt a lot less familiar than what I suspected it might. I felt a pang of alarm. That all eyes were on me watching my every move. I felt like 15 again sneakily buying Martini Rosso. I felt guilty!!

I grabbed a bottle of half price Grenache and made my way to the till. I handed it over, tried to look like a grown up and then I heard it- Beeeeep!! The sales guy moved the bottle over the sensor again – Beeeeep!! He turned round to the supervisor and asked why it wouldn’t accept it. The supervisor then came over and with a bellowing voice said, ‘ oh you can’t buy alcohol after 10pm’. It was 10:02. I immediately retorted with ‘ Oh it’s not for me! It’s a present!’ They just stared at me. I grabbed a bag of pan drops and two Freddo Frogs, paid and scurried off. As I walked home I couldn’t help but smile with the fresh smell of lavender all around me.

Nighty night x

Ps 78 days


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