My Jubilant June: Day 23

Oh Lordy! I had alcohol last night. As I was shovelling the tiramisu in I realised. Strangely I didn’t feel guilty at knocking back the desert after having had consumed 3 large pork meatballs in a Ragu sauce, with fries and garlic bread at 10.30 at night. It was the minuscule amount of alcohol used in the Italian pudding that had me metaphysically thrashing myself with birch branch and donning my hair shirt. So what’s next? Tapping a hole in cherry brandy liqueurs popping a straw in and glugging the liquid back? Surely not! That way lies madness!

So keeping on the positive front today it is ….. *drum roll*

12 weeks since I have had any alcohol. It’s incredible that I have done – sorry- am doing this. I can’t plan ahead because if I think too much into the future I run the risk of tying myself up in knots. Last night after the tour a Chicago couple offered me and Mark a drink. I did catch a hesitant quizzical look from the young man when I didn’t miss a beat and asked for a coffee. Everyone else was having alcohol but me. Now I could be not drinking for many reasons- driving, pregnant, already hungover, allergy the list is endless but I did note a distinct look of surprise almost as if it were- a Scot not drinking?! I wonder if Mark caught it too because he retorted with, ‘ she is taking her role very seriously’. It was all very quick and I am most likely assuming an opinion that was in my own head but it was interesting. I almost felt even more vindicated in my decision not to drink on principle. Jeepers that’s some shine on my halo


So I will carry on with my new found sobriety and enjoy it. After all I don’t need alcohol to bring out the devil in me.

Nighty night x

Ps 84 days


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