My Jolly July: Day 1

I am giving myself one of these!


Three months today without alcohol. Three I say! That is up to and including today (be prepared for some rounding up of numbers here)

Oh and of course a drum roll please!

•92 days or 2,208 hours or 132,480 minutes or 7,948, 800 seconds.

The girl has done good. I decided to have a “Nana” day today which was to involve much boasting, self congratulating, more boasting, reminding anyone and everyone how great I am and oh yes yet more boasting. You can’t have too much boasting can you? Well maybe yes…

I find praising myself difficult. Makes me feel decidedly uncomfortable but perhaps recognising a quality in myself that brings about positivity, good change and improves my well being should be embraced and what is wrong in standing up waving my hand and joyfully exclaiming,

” I am strong!!!”

I thought up till now, right up to this very moment that I was “lucky” to recognise the potentially detrimental alcohol road I had been worryingly and all too easily sliding down but truth be known it wasn’t luck it was strength.

I had the strength to see it. I had the strength to admit it. I had the strength to tackle it. I had the strength to make difficult decisions and stick to them. I had the strength to be honest with myself and others. I had the strength to not give in.

I have the strength to continue on this journey; this new phase of my life and with every passing day I grow stronger. A day at a time, moment by moment. The journey is never over it just develops with each stop. I am embracing each new sight along the way seeing the good and the bad with clearer vision.

So I’ll stand proud upon my rock amongst the peace of the wild things and look back on my journey thus far and embrace what lies ahead knowing I have the strength to deal with whatever comes my way.


Nighty night x


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