My Jubilant June: Day 30

This is the tale of a little girl. A little girl who stamped her feet and squealed. A little girl who folded her arms, screwed her face up and grimaced. This is the tale of a little girl who had a “moment”. A strop. A fuss. This little girl was called Laverne and she was embracing her inner child and bloody well enjoying her huff. Well isn’t that part of being a child? Was I not saying in my last post that finding the child in me was a good thing?

Let’s look at what my hissy fit was about. Now I must add internal hissy fit as I had enough adult in me to keep it under wraps where possible and spare the world from it but then maybe that was wrong. Maybe I should have let it go? Got it out there? Stopped internalising it? So the reason was,

*drum roll*

-There were too many people at the beach and my cappuccino was lukewarm-

*gasps of horror sound all over the internet*

Heinous I know!! I mean how dare people have the same idea as me! How dare they want to spend a sunny summer day at the beach! How dare the guy in the coffee “truck thingy” not heat the milk to a thousand kelvins just for me and my cast iron gullet! How dare the bloody sun shine inviting all these people out!!

When I looked around the prom at what seemed like the whole population of Edinburgh and cursing myself that I hadn’t gone to Doctor Neil’s my favourite place, behind my sunglasses I must have looked like this


Ridiculous right? Yeah pretty ridiculous. I can see that now. I had taken myself away from the beach up to Abercrom Park or as it is colloquially known ” the Daisy Park” for some respite from the beach mayhem and my own warped head. As I had entered, walked a bit, located an empty bench and sat down I had actually heard myself speak the words ” this is a disaster” in reference to the bench’s sun trap location.

A disaster! Really? A Tsunami is a disaster. Famine is a disaster. The Titanic was a disaster. My sitting in a spot where the sun was a little too much for me does not constitute a sodding disaster Edmonds.

All of a sudden I had started to laugh. I mean really laugh. That silly impish daft kind of laughter when something really stupid hits your funny spot and you’re away. I had seen how foolish I was being. I had let the thwarted teenage “wanna be grown up” go and let the care free child come out.

I like her!


Nighty night x

Ps 91 days


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