My Jolly July: Day 22

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First two days of rehearsals done and dusted for Fringe play. Should be good. This is however, another scenario where I usually would be indulging in alcoholic beverages afterwards. It’s part of the ritual. Rehearse all day, drinks copious amounts of coffee and consume far too many biscuits then top it off with a nice relaxing glass ( oh alright bottle) of red. Not this time though although the notion did pop into my head yesterday but happily popped back out again pretty swiftly. Rehearsals finished early today so I made my way to my favourite place. On entering the grass lawn that precludes the gate to the Doctor Neil’s I noticed a marquee and around 20 garden chairs. Of course a theatre company use the garden for its outdoor fringe shows during August and of course need to rehearse in the weeks leading up to it.

Bastards! How dare…

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