My Awesome August: Day 1

Awesome! Has a North American feel to it. I bought an album ( when it was actually a cassette) back in 1991 which was a compilation of current “hits” called ‘Awesome’. Cassettes were great eh. Recording songs off the radio particularly the Top 40 on a Sunday night. Having to be super careful to pause and record at the right bits missing out the jingles or songs you hated.

Ha! I’ve actually found the album cover online. Here it is in all it’s awesomeness


Anyhow this will be short post because I’ve had one hell of a day and all I will say is this:

‘A policeman on each shoulder is worth a security guard at the gate.’

Yes let me tell you!

So after crazy shenanigans I am celebrating today four months of alcohol abstinence.


Nighty night x

Ps 123 days


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